Preparation for Surgery

Preparation for Surgery

Congress Medical Surgery Center


We are pleased that you have elected to have your surgical procedure performed at Congress Medical Surgery Center. Our staff wants to make your upcoming visit as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.
In order to complete all admission procedures, you are to arrive at our facility at the time given to you when you receive your pre-op phone call by our nursing staff.
To ensure the desired surgical outcome, please pay careful attention to the details below.
Our Patients Comes First
  • It is very important that you speak with someone from the surgery center prior to the date of surgery. If you have not been contacted by us, please call the center at (626) 396-8100 before the scheduled surgery to confirm your appointment.

  • If you have had a physical exam or pre-operative tests within the last 30 days, please ask your primary physician’s office to send the reports to us (Attn: Pre-Op Nurse) prior to your arrival. This information may be faxed to (626) 396-8121.

  • Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home after surgery and to stay with you the first 24 hours. You will not be permitted to leave the Surgery Center alone after receiving anesthetic drugs. It is important that you call your surgeon at (626) 795-8051 if you should develop a cold, sore throat, cough, fever, or other symptoms of illness before the surgery.

  • Please visit Patient Forms and under Congress Medical Surgery Center fill out and print; Registration Form, Patient Health History and Pre-Ansthesia Form

  • Nothing to eat or drink at least 8 hours before your surgery. (Your surgery may be cancelled if not compliant due to safety reasons.)
  • Shower or bathe the morning of surgery to decrease the risk of infection.
  • Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian and must remain on Congress Medical Surgery Center premises during your entire stay.

Patient/visitor parking is available just north of the Congress Medical Surgery Center building. The entrance to this parking lot is on Raymond. There will be a $5.00 flat rate charge.

The day of your surgery, you will have the opportunity to speak with your anesthesiologist. He will review your medical history questionnaire and answer all the questions you may have. At the time of pre-registration, a nurse will conduct a brief interview and give you specific instructions to prepare you for surgery. If pre-operative studies are required by your physician, the nurse will give you instructions regarding where to go to have these tests done.

Congress Medical Surgery Center is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p,m. Monday thru Friday. Your surgery/procedure will be arranged by your physician or his office staff.

The charge for your procedure includes the use of the facility, personalized nursing care, medications, supplies, and equipment. Any special tests ordered by your physician (ie: blood tests, chest x-ray, EKG, pathology) will be billed to your insurance by the facility where the services were rendered.

Due to the extensive resources needed for surgery, the surgery center reserves the right to charge a $500 cancellation fee for any scheduled surgery cancelled (excluding a medical emergency) within 72 hours of the scheduled date.

A deductible and or co-pay may be required before care can be rendered. If you are covered by medical insurance, please present your insurance I.D. card at the time of registration. If your deposit or insurance coverage exceeds your charges, you will receive a refund check. If you are not covered by medical insurance, full payment is required at the time of registration. All forms of credit card are accepted.

Most procedures will require a recovery period in the Recovery Room. The length of the stay in the Recovery Room will vary, but most patients are discharged 1-2 hours after their surgery.

DOs & DON’Ts In Preparation for the Surgery

Take your usual morning medications with a small sip of water only.
If you have asthma, you may use your inhaler. Bring your inhaler to the Surgery Center.
Please contact the surgery center for instructions on taking insulin and oral diabetes medication.
If you are taking blood thinning medications, ask your surgeon when to stop taking it prior to your surgery.
A denture container will be provided if needed.
Do not eat or drink anything including water after midnight, the day prior to your surgery, unless our staff tells you otherwise.
Please do not chew gum, candy or breath mints.
Please refrain from consuming alcohol or from smoking for 24 hours prior to and after your surgery.
Discontinue all herbal medication, diet pills and exercise stimulants two weeks prior to your surgery date. Failure to do so may result in your surgery being canceled.
Please do not wear makeup or contact lenses. Bring a case for your glasses, if you wear them.
Do not bring valuables or jewelry with you to the Center.
Please remove all body piercing jewelry prior to arrival.